Hungry Zone

best bbq in town

The main object that sets “SBM HUNGRY ZONE” apart from the mass restaurants and cafes out here in Kolkata is that “SBM HUNGRY ZONE” takes pride in serving its customers with fresh organic ingredients. They do not encourage the frozen food notion. The majority of Restaurants out here serve frozen food items to their customers due to lack of fresh food stock, kitchen staff, poor maintenance, or due to peak pressures. Real foodies know the value of having a fresh warm meal, they can easily distinguish between a frozen meal and a fresh meal. “SBM HUNGRY ZONE” is for those kinds of people who love their food and want to get a worthy meal.

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990 359 - 3637

Opposite DLF Ericsson, Newtown Action Area 2. Kolkata-700156

Open hours:

Mon – Sun – 09:00am-11:00pm

We look up delivery up to 6 km.

our specialties


chicken Pakora


chicken mandarin noodles sauce


Dragon Chicken Dry



mix hakka chow

schezwan chicken


schezwan chicken
(Dry/Gravy/Semi - Gray)


mix schezwan hakka chow

big independence day summer party

August 15th 9am - 8pm


Pepper Chilli Cauliflower

Pepper Chilli Cauliflower has a crispy texture with a spicy, sweet and sour taste. The cauliflower florets are batter-coated, deep fried and then mixed with stir-fried spring onions, capsicum (green bell pepper), soy sauce, sweet red chilli sauce, salt and pepper.

Shahi Chicken Biryani

Marinate the chicken with garlic, ginger, coriander, green chillie,tomatoes paste, red chilli powder,turmeric powder,dry garam masala powder,salt and yoghurt and keep it aside for half an hour. Cook rice seperately (do not cook fully. Heat milk, put pinch of kesar and keep aside. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in pan.

Chicken Pakora

This crispy chicken pakora is a popular Indian deep-fried appetizer that is delicious to eat, especially in winters and monsoons. These come together in under 20 minutes using everyday ingredients.

20% Off BIG Family Meals

We look up delivery up to 6 km.


Manchow soup
veg / non-veg


Hot & sour soup
veg / non-veg


clear soup
veg / Non-veg


Sweet corn soup
veg / non-veg


schezwan chicken


dragon chicken nON -VEG


mix Schezwan Hakka chow




chilli momo with soup


chicken & paneer roll